Want glowing skin in winters? Here are some ayurvedic beauty tips for winters

Every woman is conscious of having glowing and smooth skin. Clear skin and a glowing complexion are the signs of good health. With the winter season going on, one of the most common problems that women face is dryness of skin and the glow fading away.

Here are some ayurvedic tips, which would make your skin soft clear, and radiant.

Exercising: Exercise daily to keep the blood circulation proper in your body, which further ensures glowing radiant skin.

Cleansers: avoid using soaps with Harsh chemicals on your face during winters. Harsh chemicals can leave the skin dry and itchy. Substitute soaps with glycerine, milk cream, rose water, etc.
Oil control: make sure you keep a limit on the oil intake, which will benefit the body and your skin.

Herbs: Herbs have natural properties of detoxification, moisturization, nourishment, and healing. Amla, ashwagandha, trifla, chandan, etc, are herbs with excellent detoxification properties.
Refrain from keeping the scalp dry: dryness of the scalp is generally the result of a lack of blood flow to the head. Dry scalp is an invitation for dandruff. Also, skin problems like pimples, spots, etc, are results of dandruff and dry, flaky scalp.

Marigold Face Pack: Make a face pack from crushed marigold flowers and mix it with sandalwood powder, curd, and lemon juice. Marigold helps in eliminating inflation and would make the skin look healthier than before.

Massage: massage your skin with skin oils. Ayurveda has hot oil massages which act as a remedy to treat the skin and leave it moisturized and glowing.