London-based Reformer Hedge Fund, Genevra Associates Invests in B2C Conscious and Carbon-Minimal Marketplace – HOSH

HOSH, World’s First conscious and carbon-minimal B2C marketplace announced it has raised funds from London-based Reformer Hedge Fund, Genevra Associates. The fund will support the company’s plans of promoting, marketing and launching products for cottage industry and small-batch artisan makers as well as educating consumers on making sustainable and conscious shopping choices. As an extension to development, HOSH will also be creating eco-friendly packaging and carbon-neutral delivery solutions for the vendors.

One of a kind, HOSH is a conscious online marketspace that promotes sustainable, fairtrade, handcrafted, eco-friendly, cruelty-free, organic and biodynamic [where possible] products and ensures zero to negative carbon emissions. It focuses on empowering small business owners and artisan creators that share its vision for a more sustainable future. With less than a year in operations,the company displays strong signs of growth and support from the community by showcasing more than 40 artisan makers and boasts over 500 products and continues to grow. This ties in very well with India’s initiative of promoting startups, independent makers and creators of all kinds. (#vocalforlocal #startupindia)

Tina Sajan, Co-Founder, HOSH commented on the funding, “We want to ensure that mindless consumerism is replaced with a conscious and mindful approach to shopping, where buying and selling of products can ensure a sustainable future without harming the environment. This is a testament to our belief that building economies and being profitable is possible without selling one’s soul.”

Shah Farsi, Managing Partner, Genevra added, “By investing in HOSH, we have not only invested in a company but also invested in building a sustainable future where wealth creation and distribution is fair; supports our vision towards creating a more balanced Gini coefficient. HOSH is the right organization to help create the next generation of sustainable commerce whilst rebuilding the environment, the economy and ensuring a brighter future for all stakeholders.”

The small and mid-sized family businesses fall prey to large ecommerce organizations across the globe due to the scale of their buying and selling power, and unfettered access to liquid funds. Additionally, the massive amounts of packaging waste generation and carbon emissions have also inflicted wide-scale damage to the environment. HOSH envisions a new world where consumption and capitalism can harmonize with people’s lifestyles for the better; where resource exploitation can be minimized and scarcity can be reorganized to ensure abundance. By allowing a simple and red-tape-free onboarding process for creators and makers, the platform is a boon to individual artisans that share in its philosophy and ardently supports the maker economy. It makes every effort in all areas of operation to minimize waste and ensures that plastics and other packaging materials are used as sparingly as possible.

HOSH is a subsidiary of Hypermine – one of the pioneers in India in the area of Decentralised Identity & security. Hosh will be powered by cutting edge technology such as Blockchain, Machine Learning and Public Key Encryption built by Hypermine. These technologies will offer next generation security, privacy and a multitude of other services to the HOSH ecosystem such as being able to measure carbon offsets and also the quality of their products.