Foods to avoid during the IVF Treatment

Eggs in their natural state

Many food products, such as mayonnaise, biscuit cream, and salad dressing, include raw eggs. However, there is a virus called salmonella virus that can cause food poisoning if it is present in raw eggs.


They’re made from artificial sources. Foods containing artificial sweeteners should be avoided. It is also harmful to your health in its natural state. IVF success rates are lower when saccharin-based sweeteners are used, therefore it’s better if natural sweeteners are used instead.

Sugars that have been refined

Food high in refined sugar makes you feel good for a while, but it also puts pressure on the liver to create more insulin fast to keep the sugar level in check. The pressure on the body’s organs starts to impair the reproductive process.


Although seafood is high in protein and vital fatty acids, eating raw or half-cooked seafood can lead to infection. Having seafood impacts the growth of the foetus and can lead to issues in the delivery.


Alcohol is the most common cause of irregular ovulation in women is alcohol. It not only has an impact on the health of eggs, but it also has an impact on the foetus.


When you’re going through the IVF process, you should limit your coffee and tea intake.


Specific varieties of cheese should be avoided, not all cheese. Only a few types of cheese have germs that might cause infection.