XchainAI Set To Launch Prompt-Based Smart Contracts and NFT Collection Generation

NEW YORK CITY, NY , March 28, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — XchainAI is set to revolutionize the world of cryptocurrency with its innovative prompt-based Solidity contract generation tools. By providing users with a powerful AI-based platform that allows them to create smart contracts using simple prompts, XchainAI is making it easier than ever for investors, creators, and developers to leverage the power of blockchain technology.

At the core of XchainAI’s offering is a powerful AI system that uses natural language processing and machine learning to generate complex Solidity contracts with ease. With this technology, users can create custom contracts that are tailored to their specific needs, without the need for any programming knowledge.

The benefits of this technology are clear: it opens up the world of blockchain technology to a wider audience, allowing businesses of all sizes to take advantage of its potential. It also reduces the cost and complexity associated with creating custom contracts, making it easier for companies to adopt blockchain solutions.

XchainAI’s innovative approach to contract generation has already been met with enthusiasm by industry insiders, who recognize the potential impact it could have on the cryptocurrency space. With its easy-to-use platform and powerful AI tools, XchainAI is poised to lead the way in the future of smart contract development.

“We’re excited to be at the forefront of this new wave of blockchain technology,” from XchainAI CEO. “By making it easier for creators and developers to create custom contracts, we’re democratizing the world of cryptocurrency and unlocking its full potential.”

XchainAI’s prompt-based Solidity contract generation tools are set to change the game for businesses and individuals alike, providing a powerful and accessible solution for those looking to take advantage of the potential of blockchain technology.

A couple of exciting features include their NFT Generator and the Profile Picture Generator.
NFT Generator

The NFT generator is a powerful utility that allows users to easily create NFT collections or single NFTs by providing a custom prompt. By prompting the AI, users can create unique and personalized NFTs that reflect their interests or business needs. The process is simple: select your Metamask address, provide a title and description for your NFT, and click “deploy.” The NFT generator will handle the rest, creating a high-quality NFT that is ready to be taken to OpenSea or any other platform.

The benefits of this utility are clear. With the ability to create custom NFTs quickly and easily, users can capitalize on the growing demand for NFTs and take advantage of the unique opportunities that they offer. Whether you are an artist looking to monetize your work or a business looking to create a unique marketing campaign, the NFT generator provides a powerful and flexible tool to help you achieve your goals.

For example, users who have been dreaming about owning a BAYC (Bored Ape Yacht Club) NFT and using it for the profile, will now have the capability to generate their very own without having to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Profile Picture Generator

The profile picture generator is a highly sought-after utility in the crypto world, and our project offers a unique solution to this problem. Our generator has been trained with colorful and cartoon-based NFT collections, providing users with a vast array of unique and custom profile pictures. By using this tool, users can generate their own custom profile picture that is not only one-of-a-kind but also fits their personality and preferences. This feature is highly valuable in the crypto community, where individuality and personal branding are highly valued.

Sample of Prompt-Based Profile Picture Generator from $XAI

With the growing demand for unique and custom profile pictures, our project offers a highly sought-after utility for crypto enthusiasts. Everyone wants a profile picture that is not only unique but also unavailable to anyone else. Our profile picture generator solves this problem by providing users with an endless supply of one-of-a-kind profile pictures that can be used on any platform. By offering this utility, we aim to enhance the user experience for our community and provide them with a valuable tool that they can use to create a strong and unique online presence.

By training the AI models, the development team plans to input thousands of the NFTs so that users’ can select and after some development from the XAI team, they are able to generate a custom and never seen before version of their favorite NFTs. Eventually, users of the platform and token holders of this premium feature can then launch and own that custom NFT based on the world’s most popular collections.

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