Unicef Collaborates with GitCoin to raise funds for StaTwig

StaTwig has recently announced that it will participate in a pilot quadratic funding round with GitCoin. The news comes as a result of its selection by UNICEF, one of the leading organizations spearheading global health initiatives.

Singapore, Dec. 07, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — This round will represent a unique opportunity for StaTwig to gain vital funding to complete its roadmap. This event aims to enable the company to scale up its platform. 

As many investors look into ways to invest their money ethically, this round represents a chance to do so.

The Success of the VaccineLedger Introduction

This is not the first time StaTwig has created something special. One of the company’s most recent projects is VaccineLedger. This revolutionary decentralized supply chain management platform enables the tracking of vaccines from manufacturers to last-mile beneficiaries.

Many countries have already had the chance to use VaccineLedger with great success. The system is instrumental in distributing vital COVID-19 and other vaccines worldwide.

The United Nations has acknowledged VaccineLedger as a Digital Public Good. This recognition has further motivated the team to continue developing innovative solutions. The company’s ideas will help make healthcare access easier and more efficient for all.

This team is also proud to have received support from various governments, leading organizations, and private investors. Among these, it is worth mentioning the World Economic Forum, Gavi Infuse, The Trinity Challenge, Techstars, Avery Dennison, Polygon, and Protocol Labs.

The Upcoming Quadratic Funding Round

The quadratic funding round is an innovative approach to enable donors and supporters to contribute more equitably. Specifically, there will be a dual goal in this operation:

  • Investors will be able to experience a transparent and democratic approach to fundraising. This is extremely important to appeal to and attract more investors.
  • People will have the chance to support the growth of digital public goods. Addressing access to financial services, education, environmental protection, and public health are fundamental battles in the modern world.

At the end of the day, this round presents a win-win situation for everyone involved on both sides of development. This investment opportunity will open up on December 9th and close on December 21st.

StaTwig’s CEO, Sid Chakravarthy, has recently commented on this exciting opportunity. He explained that fundraising could help the company expand its platform and reach out to more people.

About StaTwig

StaTwig is a blockchain-based company based in India and Singapore, aiming to build a fair and efficient healthcare system. The company is working to guarantee the real application of blockchain technology to supply chain systems. The team explains that this sector needs to change, and the company has the solutions to do it.

In the social good dimension, the world has not yet seen a large use case of the blockchain. StaTwig has developed unique solutions which have created a tangible impact during the COVID pandemic.

The company used its technology to create a secure and trusted system to ensure vaccine tracking throughout the supply chain. Ultimately, this technology helped ensure that national health systems do not leave behind anyone in the distribution process.

Anyone interested in learning more about StaTwig and its fundraising event can refer to its website and the pages below.

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