STT Logistics Group on The Importance Leadership has had for The Companies Growth

Andre Corbert, Founder and CEO of STT Logistics Group, on the importance of strong leadership, and how his leadership style has allowed for rapid growth within STT Logistics Group.

Miami, Florida, April 06, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — In today’s corporate environment, leadership has different meanings to different people. However, the desirable manifestation of a true leader is largely determined by the degree of authority he exercises and the amount of responsibility he holds. Most of the time, people on the higher ladder of the corporate structure, find it hard to maintain the balance between authority and responsibility. Any imbalance in this case would lead to either dictatorship or chaos in the organization. Andre Corbert, the founder and CEO of STT Logistics Group, earns respect and recognition as a true leader with his one-to-one leadership style.

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Andre Corbert founded his company in 2015. The company specializes in transportation, warehousing, and supply chain management. They provide logistics services to a diverse range of clients, including manufacturers, distributors, retailers, construction companies, and more. Though Andre attributes the success of his company to its unwavering commitment to customer service, he also gives major credit for the substantial role of the unique leadership style he cultivated within the organization. He believes that leadership is important because it literally determines the actions the team takes. According to him, a good leader always incentivizes employees to take the best possible actions both for the company and for themselves.

“A good leader has not only the interest of the company in his mind but also the interest of his people as well. When the leader changes that attitude, it will be reflected in the actions of his employees too. I believe that the way a leader approaches his team is going to be the way they approach their customers”, says Andre Corbert.

Andre is of the view that the overall environment in an organization has a significant role in determining the mood and attitude of the members of that organization. Therefore, STT Logistics Group, as an organization, ensures that its employees are treated well and their well-being is taken care of by the company. The company uses a mechanism, known as PPF Goals which stands for Professional, Personal, and Financial Goals. Under this mechanism, a responsible person from the company leadership will sit down with the employees and team members and will seek to understand what are their goals. What do they want to achieve professionally, personally, and financially? This is to understand what motivates them to do their responsibilities.

In order to make the PPF mechanism better and more effective, the company, under the leadership of Stelios Vergitsis, the Executive VP at STT Logistics Group, changed the PPF Goal format. Instead of encouraging employees to set their goals, the company now helps them to set their goals. According to Andre, this is very important as most of the time people are not setting their own goals but setting someone else’s goals. PPF helps people to set goals beyond the monetary benefits rather than real goals that help them achieve monetary benefits as a byproduct. Andre believes that If a leader can align the goals of his employees with the company’s goals, that means the leader pushes the employees to achieve their personal goals, and as a side effect, the company achieves its goals.

“I think leadership is important because you need to understand your team. You need to observe your team. You need to be able to understand when someone is in a good or bad mood when someone needs to talk and when someone needs a break. That means a leader should be able to read their team, and the only way that you can read your team is by what is called one-on-one leadership. This is the relationship that you build with each individual person. You cannot really build leadership in the masses”, Andre added.

With the perfect blend of authority and responsibility, Andre Corbert shows the importance of leadership in the growth and development of an organization. He maintains the desired level of compassion towards his employees and at the same time upholds his passion for entrepreneurial endeavors. His approach and attitude as a leader are an inspiration for business leaders across the globe.

About STT Logistics Group

STT Logistics Group is headquartered in Miami, Florida, United States, and was founded by Andre Corbert in 2015. The company is a leading provider of heavy equipment transportation and logistics solutions, dedicated to helping businesses achieve greater productivity. Their major services include heavy hauling, equipment dismantling, crane transportation, and international logistics, all designed to help businesses transport their equipment and goods safely and efficiently. Over the years, the company has successfully completed 81,526 loads and served 3,985 happy customers, cementing its position as a leading provider of logistics solutions in the industry.

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