Ranger Guard Launches New All-Inclusive Security Service In Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada, April 21, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Ranger Guard is pleased to announce the launch of its all-inclusive security service in Las Vegas, Nevada. Ranger Guard is a private security company in Las Vegas, Nevada, that has recently launched a new all-inclusive security service for businesses and individuals that includes mobile patrol, loss prevention, firewatch, armed or unarmed guards, and 24/7 property monitoring.

The company is hoping that its new array of services conducted by its range of expert security officers, guards, and private bodyguards will offer hotels, casinos, and VIPs in the heart of Las Vegas peace of mind and confidence during the city’s high tourist season that runs from March to the end of May.

All the security professionals at Ranger Guard have undergone rigorous in-service training to ensure they all have up-to-date skills and knowledge. A spokesperson for the company said, “The training focuses on security defensive tactics and criminal law and also includes first aid, verbal de-escalation tactics, counter-terrorism training, and customer service.”

These unique set of skills allows the team at Ranger Guard to adequately control the crowds at Las Vegas concerts, casinos, restaurants, and clubs while also providing a warm service to customers that maintain a positive atmosphere.

When companies require a higher level of protection and safety, for example, if they are worried about shoplifting or intoxicated customers intimidating their staff, Ranger Guard offers security guards for hire in Las Vegas, Nevada.

You can select either armed or unarmed security officers that each come with their own unique set of benefits:

  • Unarmed Security Officers

In many situations, an unarmed security officer is able to keep an area safe and secure by maintaining high levels of security without threatening hotel guests and customers or making a concert crowd tense.

The effective security procedures practiced by Ranger Guard’s unarmed security officers include a firewatch service in Las Vegas Nevada, and 24/7 event or property monitoring where the security professionals have the option to request backup or contact emergency services if needed.

  • Armed Security Officers

Extensive background checks will be completed to verify all the information that applicants for armed guard positions need to provide Ranger Guard.

Different aptitude and personality tests are then used to ensure applicants have the emotional stability and cognitive skills to exercise sound judgment and make quick decisions in stressful environments.

To ensure an excellent armed security service in Las Vegas, Nevada, Ranger Guard prioritizes employing officers who served in law enforcement or the military. This is because their experience with high-stress, hazardous situations is invaluable in real-life scenarios.

In addition to armed and unarmed guards, Ranger Guards’ new all-inclusive security services in Las Vegas also include a mobile patrol service that is highly effective in high-traffic environments.

In comparison to a static security guard service that is efficient at crowd control and managing entry, a roving patrol can better assist businesses, such as multi-story car parks and hotel or casino grounds, in ensuring their property is secure, even late at night.

The mobile patrol service at Ranger Guard will remain highly viable at all times, which offers a quick response to the changing environment, no matter what issue arises. Additionally, due to the extra mobility provided by cars, the roving patrol team can visit multiple sites throughout a shift, allowing businesses with numerous locations to save money while receiving round-the-clock prevention.

When choosing your mobile patrol team, you will be able to select from either armed or unarmed officers, but whomever you pick will make sure the patrols on your property will be frequent and at random, so criminals are not able to monitor their schedule and plan accordingly.

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To find out more about Ranger Guard and its new all-inclusive security services in Las Vegas, please visit the website at https://rangerguard.net/las-vegas-security-guard-services/.

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