Quad M Solutions Inc. Launches Stayput Insurance Inc. to Offer Innovative Insurance Products to Encourage Workers to Save for Retirement.

Garland, TX, March 31, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Quad M Solutions, Inc. (OTC: MMMM) is pleased to announce the launch of its new subsidiary, Stayput Insurance Inc., to offer innovative insurance products for the burgeoning GIG economy worker and for corporations and municipalities across the nation to help address the critical labor shortage.

A recent survey conducted by the National League of Cities found that the negative impact on quality of life due to social chaos coupled with the lingering effects of the pandemic are leading over 60% of municipal employees to consider early retirement. Private corporations are also experiencing severe labor shortages caused by the early retirement of senior employees. A report by the Boston College Center for Retirement Research estimated that the labor shortage resulting from early retirements will cost the U.S. economy $3.3 trillion in lost output over the next two decades.

Stayput Insurance Inc. is a 51% owned subsidiary of Quad M Solutions Inc., with Mr. Yakov Kogan serving as President of the new venture. Stayput Insurance’s products are specifically designed to address these critical labor issues by encouraging senior workers nearing retirement to extend their employment by an additional five years thereby providing both the employee and their employer with mutual financial benefits. The company’s products allow municipalities and corporations to buy an annuity product that enhances pension payments, thereby incentivizing workers to delay their retirement and help municipalities and corporations retain their most experienced workers to bridge the talent gap. For the GIG economy worker, products such as Indexed Universal Life plans will be offered to encourage individuals to begin investing in their own future and financial security.

“We are thrilled to launch Stayput Insurance Inc. and offer innovative insurance products that benefit not only the burgeoning GIG economy workers but also for those workers nearing retirement and their employers,” commented Kogan.

“Our products will help address the challenging issues faced by municipalities and corporations, while also ensuring that experienced workers receive the financial incentives they deserve for extending their employment.” He explained.

Quad M Solutions is also excited to announce that Sheila F. Gaylor, a highly respected 45-year industry veteran, will be joining Stayput Insurance as a Strategic Advisor to provide guidance and oversite of the various insurance product verticals. Mrs. Gaylor has recently joined the elite team of producers at Keyes Coverage after over three decades of independent insurance agency ownership on the Space Coast of Florida.

Keyes Coverage, headquartered in Tamarac, FL has been operating in Florida since 1975, growing to one of the largest privately held, independent insurance agencies in the state. In 2022 Keyes Coverage became a strategic Platform Partner with Keystone Agency Partners (KAP) currently the 2nd-fastest growing independent insurance brokerage in the U.S., providing best-in-class services nationwide.

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