Musical Surprise for coffee lovers by Third Wave Coffee

BANGALORE, India, June 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — In a delightful twist to the average coffee run, Third Wave Coffee (TWC) turned the tables on the occasion of World Music Day with its ‘Spot Music’ initiative. Unassuming customers found themselves at the heart of a vibrant music performance, as hidden artists among them began to perform, blending into a harmonious ensemble. This wasn’t just about good coffee anymore; it was about tunes that touched souls, creating connections that echoed with the spirit of World Music Day.

The event unfolded at TWC’s Indiranagar outlet situated on 12th Main, on the evening of June 21, in celebration of World Music Day.

Discreetly placed cameras inside the cafe captured the uplifting scene depicted in the video, resulting in a special compilation reel that showcased the event from the customers’ standpoint. The reel went beyond simply documenting the occasion; it focused on recognising the individuals who contributed to its uniqueness. All customers featured in the video received due recognition, leading to a surge of shared experiences that rapidly spread across the internet.

The performance wrapped up with warm wishes for World Music Day, leaving the audience with a beat in their heart and a story to tell.

Several musicians, in collaboration with TWC, curated a specially tailored playlist in honour of World Music Day. Listeners can follow the provided link to access the thoughtfully selected rhythms and melodies crafted by upcoming Indie artists, Frizzel D’Souza, Mary Ann Alexander, Sidharth Bendi & The Coconut Milk Project.

“At Third Wave Coffee, we perceive ourselves as more than a mere coffee shop; we serve as a thriving centre for community connection and shared experiences. Our vision for World Music Day was to offer something distinctive, breaking away from the mundane, and creating an immersive experience that not only unfolded on-site but also engaged our audience through social media channels. We took great care in curating a selection of four young, upcoming, and trending Indie musicians, namely, Frizzel D’Souza, Mary Ann Alexander, Allan Varghese and Aadarsh Subramaniam, who collaborated for the first time to deliver an extraordinary performance. The ambiance was truly enchanting as the crowd was pleasantly surprised, melodies reverberated, laughter filled the air, and a profound sense of togetherness permeated the entire environment. The occasion was also a vivid reminder of how coffee and music can bring people together, creating a symphony of belonging and joy that echoes far beyond our walls. It is this very magic that we strive to brew each and every day,” expressed Aditya Setia, Director of Marketing at TWC.

This unique celebration of music and coffee was more than an event. It was a melody that resonated across social media, amplified by enthusiastic shares, likes, comments, and extensive coverage from influencers. On World Music Day, TWC not only served coffee, but also memories, touching lives with the universal language of music.

About Third Wave Coffee (TWC)

At TWC, we are passionate about serving fresh, delicious, and ethically sourced coffee. With a commitment to freshness and ethical sourcing, each cup is a carefully crafted masterpiece. The TWC community of coffee lovers is cherished and treated like family, with a passion and care that is evident every single day. With an innovative spirit, we are constantly pushing the boundaries of flavour to create blends that captivate both the seasoned connoisseur and the adventurous explorer. Inclusivity is at the heart of our philosophy, welcoming everyone to join on this remarkable coffee journey. With over 90 warm and inviting cafes scattered across six vibrant cities in India, TWC invites individuals to step into their world, buzzing with creativity, camaraderie, and, of course, the finest coffee. Discover the magic of Third Wave Coffee, where passion and precision unite to create unforgettable moments, sip after sip.


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