Metatate introduces the Meditate-2-Earn Ecosystem in the crypto world.

Metatate is a newly emerged metaverse platform with various crypto features. In the latest development, the company has expanded its services by introducing its “Meditate-To-Earn” Ecosystem to the crypto world and wellness market.

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA, Nov. 18, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Metatate is a new platform that promotes mental health awareness, by incentivizing daily meditation . Mental health met web3 wellness with Metate and created the quintessential “M2E (Meditate-To-Earn)” Ecosystem. In contrast, throughout the M2E Ecosystem’s veins, people can see “$CHI”, its native ERC-20 token, which gives life to many bodies that promote a healthier and wealthier lifestyle. 

Below are some acclaims which Metatate™ stands diligently behind: 

  1. Proven Technology: The owners of the Metatate™ app debuted a free, fully functional mobile application coupled with a multilayered M2E Ecosystem before the project publicly launched. 
  2. Top-tier practitioners, yogis, wellness coaches, and other verified professionals will be used and are prepared to work on curated content dedicated to Metatate’s user base. 
  3. Best-in-class partnerships that could feature some of the significant wellness and fitness brands to be listed and featured in their catalogue.
  4. Spearheading leadership: Metatate’s team has an extensive track record of innovating and scaling in the web3 space. The team has already and will continue to use their connections to ensure mass adoption of the application and Ecosystem to complete their mission statement and succeed as a business.

Furthermore, Metatate™’s multipurpose meditation app encourages users to uplift their mind, body, and spirit each day to earn $CHI and exchange it for many different types of rewards through the M.R.P. (Metatate™ Rewards Program) by visiting the Metatate™ app’s item catalogue. Some of these rewards will be reserved for exclusive offers such as fitness and wellness-brand partnered merchandise, while other featured rewards will reflect the needs and desires of the Metatate™’s users. 

To ensure the proper execution, Metatate™’s team designed the M2E Ecosystem to be a multilayered ecosystem that will always prioritize rewarding its user base with $CHI in exchange for bettering their mind, body, soul, and overall well-being. Meanwhile, Metatate™’s app will be FREE, targeting new users to download it and practice one of the many fields of mindfulness. This process is conceived by state-of-the-art technology based on real user data gathered from web3 and DeFi platforms.

Metatate™ has also set the foundations for bringing on more celebrity wellness, health, and meditation coaches to ensure its users can have the same experience they’d find in our web2 competitors. Finally, as more people download Metatate™’s app, the strategic partnerships will continue to form even further, ensuring both Metatate™ and its user base are in the best possible scenario for accomplishing their mission.

Consequently, it is imperative to note that Metatate™’s app is free and available for download in 100+ countries, encouraging everyone to start practising over 3000 MINUTES of meditation + wellness content curated by a large collective of certified wellness practitioners. 

About the Company – Metatate™ 

Metatate™ is a multilayered M2E Ecosystem, which includes several utilities that support its native $CHI token. $CHI is the moving force behind the M2E Ecosystem and can be earned, spent, and redeemed seamlessly by using many features in the Metatate™ app. 

In addition, the Metatate™ app’s item catalogue allows $CHI to be redeemed for featured merchandise, meditation + wellness items, technology items, exclusive experiences, and much more, all to reflect the needs and wants of Metatate™’s app users.

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