Manhattan Crypto Capital Hosts An Event In Nyc With Fund Managers To Discuss The Current Event With The Recent Crash.

Manhattan Crypto Capital emerges as a cryptocurrency investment fund. Recently, the company hosted an event to discuss current crypto event’s crash in NYC with fund managers.

MANHATTAN, NEW YORK, Dec. 15, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Manhattan Crypto Capital establishes itself as a digital asset fund. The company held an event in the latest development to discuss about recent crash of current events with fund managers. In the event, Manhattan Crypto Capital invited fund managers with billions in AUM to an 8-hour lecture in the center of the financial district. Mint Solutions sponsored the event.

The company provided insight into a globally coordinated crypto asset regulation and displayed leadership in the wake of the most recent current event’s meltdown. It called in hedge fund managers around the USA for an open Pannal discussion on crypto Regulatory compliance & safeguard.

The crash of current crypto events, the loss of billions, and the more significant impact on standard unprotected retail and non-accredited investors are heartbreaking in the crypto fraternity. MCC proposes the solution that international and national involvement with the authority must outlaw or prohibit cryptocurrency and investing enterprises. The necessary actions should be taken against those who violate regulatory requirements and endanger investor protection and the integrity and orderly operation of the markets.

Furthermore, this intervention should also include a higher authority that can conduct supervision whenever a member state regulatory neglects to resolve regulatory shortcomings in its jurisdiction.

Fintech TV at the NYSE requested Simon Vandi to provide insight into what the Crypto Asset Regulation can imply for the cryptocurrency markets and what can be done to avoid the catastrophe of current events. He emphasized on following initiatives:

  1. The creation of legislation governing crypto token financial services should be prioritized since it will outline which companies, institutions of the market, and investment services and activities require licenses across the token ecosystem.
  1. It entails the regulatory due diligence to permit the classification of token risks as follows: Prohibited/Banned, Safe, and “Approved Accepted Crypto Token.”
  1. The following areas should be the focus of thoroughness: assessing the status of regulatory approval across various jurisdictions, both regulated and unregulated markets, and centralized and decentralized governance arrangements—the volatility, size, liquidity, and maturity of cryptocurrency tokens.
  1. Information and transparency about the crypto tokens’ technology, protocols, and critical stakeholders are available. Regarding the crypto token, the technology’s suitability, and sufficiency.
  1. AML/CFT, cybersecurity, custody wallet management, settlement risk, and operational risk controls must be appropriately handled. It protects the client’s ownership rights while reducing the chance that client assets will be lost. Exposure to cryptocurrency tokens is subtracted from regulatory capital or is weighted at 1250% for list risk.

About the company – Manhattan Crypto Capital

Manhattan Crypto Capital is a private investment Fund of funds using a globally aligned Crypto Regulatory Control Framework to remove Investment impediments, mitigate investment risk and enhance Investor Protection.

The company provides verified, sophisticated, accredited investors, ultra-high network individuals, and institutional investors with exposure to the cryptocurrency and digital asset markets. In addition, MCC is positioned to bridge investors with disruptive crypto opportunities, hedged by rare asymmetric arbitrage deals and leveraged by industry experience.

About Mint Solutions

Mint Solutions services provide Small Business owners the funding needed to continue to operate their businesses to the best of their ability without the worry of the capital. The firm specializes in capital raising, internal finance department consulting, and mergers & acquisitions.

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