Landkind reaches significant regulatory milestone, achieving GRAS status for LK-01™ Pure Salidroside

An independent review panel affirmed that the revolutionary biosynthetic salidroside, developed by DoubleRainbow Biosciences as a food ingredient, is safe for a broad population

LEXINGTON, MASS., Dec. 19, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Landkind, a subsidiary of DoubleRainbow Biosciences leveraging advances in synthetic biology to deliver precision-engineered supplements to advance human health, today announced it has achieved Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) status for its revolutionary LK-01™ Pure Salidroside. GRAS is an FDA (Food and Drug Administration) designation embedded in the US Code of Federal Regulations. This decision was reached after thorough safety assessments were conducted by independent experts on data provided by Double Rainbow and previously published in peer-reviewed journals.

Salidroside is a naturally occurring compound found in the Rhodiola rosea plant commonly used in dietary supplements and traditional medicines. Double Rainbow was the first to achieve commercial-scale biosynthetic production of pure, non-GMO salidroside, unlocking the potential to sustainably maximize the compound’s various health benefits. Landkind is harnessing this breakthrough to deliver LK-01™ Pure Salidroside, which activates pathways in mitochondria, the power centers of human cells, to promote natural energy generation, enhanced focus, and improved stress response—among other health benefits. The market for salidroside and rhodiola’s use is expected to rise at a considerable rate over the next five years, as the worldwide adaptogen market is projected to reach $20.3 Billion by 2031.

“GRAS approval marks a significant milestone for Landkind,“ said Cavan Farley, Senior Vice President, Global Business Groups at DoubleRainbow Biosciences & President of Landkind. “As we continue to grow LK-01™ and prepare a range of new salidroside-based products, this decision provides consumers and potential partners with full confidence in the use of our revolutionary salidroside as a safe and effective option for improving human health and wellness. In addition to our salidroside-based product pipeline, we believe this decision sets an important precedent for the future of synthetic biology-derived ingredients and the role they can play in creating a more effective and sustainable health and nutrition ecosystem.”

With GRAS status, LK-01™ can be used as a food ingredient for the first time, creating the potential to explore applying salidroside’s focus and energy-enhancing effects in both capsule or ingredient forms.

LK-01™ is a true advancement in sourcing and supplying a plant-based bioactive compound,” said Kenn Israel, Co-Founder of BeyondBrands, Founder at Innovation Nutrition Consulting, and 30-year supplements industry participant. “Climate change, overharvesting of wild grown plants, and geopolitics are directly impacting the supply of Rhodiola r. and Rhodiola c., and many other medicinal plants at a time when global demand is surging. Leveraging biological engines such as bacteria, yeasts, fungi & cell culture in combination with a powerful understanding of genetics are essential tools that can facilitate pure, abundant, and reliable sources of important bioactive compounds. The work of innovative companies such as Landkind assures that valuable compounds, initially only found in rare and threatened botanicals, can be made available for all to enjoy without imperiling a limited natural resource. What’s more, the team at Double Rainbow & Landkind is not assuming that if a compound occurs in an already recognized-as-safe plant, the new pure compound is also safe. Landkind is taking a responsible and conservative approach in introducing what is a new ingredient and has submitted data on their ingredient to an expert review panel for a comprehensive safety evaluation. The process of GRAS application, including the required safety and toxicology studies and validation by an expert review panel, is essential to assure that these nature-identical compounds are indeed safe for human consumption at the intended dose and delivery format.”

While most Rhodiola supplements contain varying amounts of naturally occurring compounds, LK-01™ is a precise, single bioactive-ingredient formula containing only pure salidroside. Through biosynthetic production, LK-01™ also eliminates the need to harvest the endangered Rhodiola rosea plant, allowing consumers to enjoy the plant’s potent benefits without further harming native plant populations.

More than 300 peer-reviewed studies have linked Salidroside to a wide range of health benefits including anti-aging, anti-fatigue, anti-inflammation, promoting healthy microbiome and enhancing cognitive functions. Landkind is pursuing a robust preclinical and clinical research program to further validate the safety and health benefits of LK-01™, including an ongoing human trial with expected results in Q1 2023.

By leveraging Double Rainbow’s HARMONY™ platform, Landkind is raising the bar on safety, efficacy, and purity to meet the standards consumers should expect. To learn more about Landkind and LK-01™ , please visit

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