HUMBL and DeltaFlare Launch Web3 Social Media Badge Collectibles and Loyalty Program


HUMBL and DeltaFlare Launch Web3 Social Media Badge Collectibles
HUMBL and DeltaFlare Launch Web3 Social Media Badge Collectibles

San Diego, CA, April 21, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — HUMBL, Inc. (OTCQB: HMBL) announced today the launch of its Web 3 community badge and loyalty program for its verified HUMBL social media members.

The “Humblnauts” digital collectibles and loyalty program is a design collaboration between the Web3 teams at HUMBL and DeltaFlare, creators of the Deltanauts NFT collection and ecosystem.

“I’ve always been a fan of the Deltanauts collection,” said Brian Foote, CEO of HUMBL. “So, to have DeltaFlare design an innovative Web3 badge and loyalty program was a special experience for us. We look forward to building on this with our HUMBL community members in areas like original content, platform adoption and rewards.”

An initial run of Humblnauts badges was issued today in different styles, names and limited editions, such as: Founder, Originator, Constructor, Builder, Visionary, Pioneer and more. The badges will be issued based on parameters such as member sign-up order, profession and original content contributions.

There will also be a “Community Builder” award issued once per month to a community member that is the most helpful in terms of building new technology innovations, original content or member interactions on top of the HUMBL platform. In addition, a special “Hero” badge was issued for first responders and armed services personnel on the platform from around the world.

“Web3 offers many exciting opportunities for digital wallet loyalty programs, special offers and customer rewards,” continued Foote. “So, we wanted to reward our own HUMBL community members first, with program examples of where we think major brands will head as they move from Web2 to Web3 with their digital customer engagement programs.”

All Humblnauts badges and digital collectibles will be “Verified by BLOCKS” and commemorated on the “BLOCKS Registry” for lifetime tracking of ownership, authentication and provenance for digital wallet holders.

The Humblnauts collection will be expanded periodically to include new groups, categories and achievements within the HUMBL social media community. Humblnauts badges are digital collectibles that are not intended for resale by community members.


HUMBL is a Web3 platform with product lines including the HUMBL Wallet, HUMBL Search Engine, HUMBL Social, HUMBL Tickets, HUMBL Marketplace and HUMBL Authentics. The company also has an HUMBL Blockchain Services division for public and private sector clients.

About DeltaFlare

DeltaFlare combines the best of Web3 across digital collectibles and blockchain video gaming, delivering an experience to gamers who value teamwork, cooperation, and collaboration. Using their proprietary distribution method, DeltaFlare aims to position itself in the global blockchain gaming market as a leader in zero-sum gaming.

Join the DeltaFlare Discord community server for more information about their products, blockchain gaming, and to chat directly with the founders.

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BLOCKS is the first legally registered DAO, LLC in the United States, headquartered in Wyoming. The BLOCKS DAO is comprised of thousands of BLOCKS token holder members from a variety of public and private sector fields, who determine the direction and management of the decentralized project through mechanisms such as proposals, committees and voting.

The BLOCKS DOA also offers blockchain products and service lines such as: “Verified by BLOCKS” and the “BLOCKS Registry” to provide digital and physical collectibles with lifetime tracking, verification and authentication of ownership on a decentralized registry.

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