Dips to try at home

Chips and dip are without a doubt the greatest form of entertainment ever devised. Any grocery shopper passing down the chip aisle can corroborate this reality in an instant. However, especially if you have a food processor, you might want to avoid buying store-bought salsas or dips.

Pesto sauce is a basil-basil-pine-nut-garlic-Parmesan-cheese-and-olive-oil-based sauce. A food processor is ideal for emulsifying these fresh ingredients into a sauce that can be used to dip or toss in salads, pasta, or rice dishes.

Avocado Dip (creamy)

If you like guacamole, you should try this creamy avocado dip. Cream cheese and avocados are combined in this recipe to create an extra-velvety texture and a deep, rich taste.


It’s no longer necessary to eat fresh salsa at a Mexican restaurant. Salsa dip can be made at home. With the help of your food processor, you can make a restaurant-style fresh salsa at home.


A creamy dip from Middle Eastern, Hummushas a chickpea-base with a strong, nutty flavour that’s to die for. Chickpeas go nicely with any roasted vegetable purée or spice, such as garlic, roasted red pepper, or sun dried tomato.

Blue cheese dip

While blue cheese dip is delicious on chips, it also pairs well with chicken wings in terms of flavour and texture. Prepare to be blown away by the tangy flavour and lemony finish of blue cheese in combination with sour cream when you get the recipe for creamy blue cheese dip online.