Business and Private Jet Market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 16.2% by 2033: Visiongain Reports Ltd

Visiongain has published a new report entitled Business and Private Jet 2023-2033

Forecasts by Point of Sale (OEM, Aftermarket), by End-users (Business, Private, Operator), by Range (Less than 1,000 NM, 1,000- 3,000 NM, 3,000–5,000 NM, More than 5,000 NM), by Aircraft Type (Light Aircraft, Mid-sized Aircraft, Large Aircraft, Airliner Aircraft, Other Aircraft Type), by Service (On-demand, Air Taxis, Branded Charters, Jet-card/Membership Programs, Fractional Ownership, Other Service) AND Regional and Leading National Market Analysis PLUS Analysis of Leading Companies AND COVID-19 Impact and Recovery Pattern Analysis 

The global business and private jet market was valued at US$28.11 billion in 2022 and is projected to grow at a CAGR of 16.2% during the forecast period 2023-2033. 

The business and private jet market has been experiencing steady growth in recent years. The private jet industry has evolved to become a luxury service that caters to individuals and businesses who value time and privacy. One of the main drivers of growth in the private jet market is the increasing demand for personalized travel experiences. Private jet customers are willing to pay a premium for the convenience, comfort, and privacy offered by private jet travel. Private jets offer a level of comfort and luxury that is unmatched by commercial airlines. They allow passengers to avoid the hassles of airport security, long queues, and flight delays. Another factor that has contributed to the growth of the private jet market is the globalization of business. Companies are operating in multiple countries, and executives need to travel more frequently to manage their businesses. Private jets offer a more efficient way for business executives to travel, enabling them to attend multiple meetings in different locations in a single day. 

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How has COVID-19 had a Significant Negative Impact on the Business and Private Jet Market? 

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant negative impact on the business and private jet market. This is mainly due to travel restrictions and reduced demand for air travel. Many businesses have been forced to cut back on travel, and individuals have been hesitant to fly due to health concerns and restrictions. The business jet market has been hit particularly hard, as companies have cut back on travel and cancelled business events and conferences. This has led to a significant reduction in demand for corporate travel, and many business jet operators have had to reduce their fleets or suspend operations altogether. 

The private jet market has also been impacted, as individuals have been reluctant to travel for leisure or personal reasons. This has led to a decline in demand for private jets, and many operators have had to reduce their fleets or offer discounts to attract customers. Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in increased regulations and safety measures for air travel, which has added to the cost and complexity of operating private and business jets. This has further impacted the profitability of the industry and made it more difficult for operators to remain in business. Overall, the COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant negative impact on the business and private jet market, and it is likely to take some time for the industry to recover fully. 

How will this Report Benefit you? 

Visiongain’s 385-page report provides 174 tables and 214 charts/graphs. Our new study is suitable for anyone requiring commercial, in-depth analyses for the global business and private jet market, along with detailed segment analysis in the market. Our new study will help you evaluate the overall global and regional market for Business and Private Jet. Get financial analysis of the overall market and different segments including aircraft type, point of sale, service, range, and end-use and capture higher market share. We believe that there are strong opportunities in this fast-growing business and private jet market. See how to use the existing and upcoming opportunities in this market to gain revenue benefits in the near future. Moreover, the report will help you to improve your strategic decision-making, allowing you to frame growth strategies, reinforce the analysis of other market players, and maximise the productivity of the company. 

What are the Current Market Drivers? 

Increasing Demand for Time-efficient Travel 

One of the primary drivers of the business and private jet market is the increasing demand for time-efficient travel. As businesses become more globalized, executives and other high-level employees require a means of travel that enables them to reach their destination quickly and efficiently. Private jets offer an attractive solution to this problem, allowing executives to avoid the long lines and wait times associated with commercial air travel. 

Moreover, private jets offer greater flexibility than commercial airlines, as they can land at smaller airports closer to the final destination, enabling passengers to save even more time. This convenience and time-saving are particularly important for business travelers who need to attend multiple meetings in different locations, as private jets allow them to fit more into their schedule. 

Growing Wealth and Disposable Income 

Another key market driver for the business and private jet market is the growing wealth and disposable income of the global population. As more individuals become affluent, they are increasingly able to afford the luxury of private jet travel. 

In addition to high net worth individuals, corporations are also investing in private jets for their executives and top-level employees, as well as for VIP clients and customers. This trend is particularly evident in emerging economies, where the growth of wealth is more rapid and pronounced. 

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Where are the Market Opportunities? 

Emerging Markets and New Demand Sources 

One of the significant market opportunities for the business and private jet market is the emergence of new demand sources and emerging markets. As more regions of the world become increasingly connected and globalized, the demand for private jets is likely to grow. Emerging economies, in particular, are expected to drive growth in the private jet market, as more individuals and businesses become affluent and seek luxury travel options. 

Moreover, new demand sources, such as tourism and the entertainment industry, are also expected to drive growth in the private jet market. Private jets offer an attractive travel option for high-end tourists, particularly those looking for a more personalized and exclusive travel experience. Similarly, private jets are commonly used by the entertainment industry for travel to filming locations and other events. 

Technological Advancements and Innovation 

Another significant market opportunity for the business and private jet market is technological advancements and innovation. The private jet industry has traditionally been slow to adopt new technologies, but there are increasing signs of change. 

New technologies, such as digital platforms and blockchain, offer opportunities for greater efficiency and cost savings, while also improving the overall customer experience. For example, digital platforms can enable easier and more streamlined booking and management of private jet travel, while blockchain technology can provide increased security and transparency in transactions. 

Moreover, there are opportunities for innovation in the development of new and more fuel-efficient private jets, as well as the integration of more sustainable technologies, such as electric or hybrid propulsion. 

Competitive Landscape 

The major players operating in the business and private jet market are Airbus SE, BAE Systems, Boeing Company, Bombardier Inc., Dassault Aviation SA, Eclipse Aerospace, Inc., Embraer S.A, Eviation Aircraft, flyExclusive, General Dynamics Corporation, Honda Aircraft Company, Jet Edge International, Joby Aviation, Mooney International Corporation, NetJets IP, LLC, Pilatus Aircraft Ltd., Piper Aircraft, Inc., PlaneSense, Inc., Raytheon Technologies Corporation, Solairus Aviation, Textron Inc., VistaJet, Wheels Up and Zunum Aero. These major players operating in this market have adopted various strategies comprising M&A, investment in R&D, collaborations, partnerships, regional business expansion, and new product launch. 

Recent Developments 

  • In October 2022, Bombardier launched its new Executive cabin for the Global 7500 and Global 8000 aircraft, featuring its unique open office concept and spacious three workspace interior designed to maximize corporate collaboration, productivity and networking with fellow passengers. With three workspaces, each 12 feet in length, the Executive cabin offers the unprecedented flow and leg room, enabling teams to creatively utilize space to remain productive in flight and rested on arrival for meetings or events. 
  • In March 2022, Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. announced its investments in its Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. invested in its super-midsize Gulfstream G280, adding a lower cabin altitude and new LED exterior lights. The new enhancements come on the heels of a record-breaking sales year and demonstrate Gulfstream’s ongoing commitment to the G280.   

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